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Diseko is a company created with the vision to meet the demand for all kinds of display systems for POS - displays and multi-material steel and corrugated cardboard solutions for all kinds of consumer products at national and international level .

25 Years of Experience

We have more 25 Years of Experience exporting to E.U. and we have the installed capacity and trained staff to provide a high quality product, Short Lead Time and discounts

We have an infrastructure 33,000 m2 at our plant in Aguascalientes give timely service and logistics anywhere in the country and abroad , we constantly invest in Modern technology for the production of our products - machinery automatic meshing , bent wire and pipe CNC, machinery LASER CUT, robots MICRO WELDING, Line of PAINTING with box NORDSON rapidly changing.


We have customers inside and outside our borders, some of them are:

  •     -- Array Retail Solutions Inc.
  •     -- Cornestore Solutions
  •     -- Madix Inc.
  •     -- PFI, LLC
  •     -- Grupo BIMBO
  •     -- KRAFT Foods
  •     -- PEPSI Bottling Company